Bezos Academy aims to nurture the potential in every child to become a creative leader, original thinker, and lifelong learner by increasing access to early childhood education in under-resourced communities.

The child is at the center of every decision we make. Each child’s culture, strengths, challenges, interests, and dreams inform our program design, instructional methods, and individual goals. Our child-centered approach meets children where they are and prioritizes all areas of their development.

Bezos Academy creates a joyful and collaborative learning environment through hands-on experiences. Children develop a love of learning when it is child directed and centered around their interests. When children find joy in learning, it deepens their natural curiosity and eagerness to discover.

Our research-based program model includes the following components:

Full-Day and Year-Round Programming

We provide a year-round education that is tuition free, full day, and five days a week.

Family and Community Partnership

At Bezos Academy, we are committed to listening to, learning from, and building trusting relationships with families and members of the community.

Small Class Size and Teacher-Student Ratios

Each classroom has a maximum of 20 students and a classroom ratio of at least 1 staff member for every 10 students.

Effective Leadership

At each Bezos Academy, there is an experienced Head of School who maintains high standards, communicates clear goals, develops school staff, and creates a culture that centers around teaching, learning, and the needs of every child and family.

Highly Qualified Teachers

All teachers are licensed by the state and are trained in early childhood education. School staff also receive continuous training and development.

Montessori-inspired Curriculum

Our curriculum meets each child where they are and prioritizes all areas of development. We use research-based standards to track developmental milestones and inform individualized instruction.

Healthy Nutrition

We offer multiple nutritious meals and healthy snacks for all students throughout the school day.

Inclusive Environment

Bezos Academy prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our program model. We welcome all children and families — inclusive of every race, gender, identity, ethnicity, language, immigration status, or family background. We approach every interaction with respect, warmth, and empathy, and we create a community that is safe and welcoming for all.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously monitor, reflect on, and revise policies and practices to ensure quality is maintained. In addition to measuring each child’s developmental progress, we assess each school, classroom, and staff member, and use this information to inform positive and proactive improvements.

Fully Funded

Each Bezos Academy is equipped with the materials and supplies needed for the whole child. We cover the operating expenses for our preschool programs at no cost to the families we serve.